Getting Started – Games to Play

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Getting Started – Games to Play

First of all, I am playing at PokerStars.  I just like their software the most.  I have seen how much loose money is out at different sites, but this is the one I enjoy playing, and it’s all about enjoyment right now.

With a bankroll around $5, I will be very selective with what I play.  Right now, I will play $.10 buy-in NLHE and PLO tournaments (PokerStars has these in 360 and 240 person SNG formats, respectively) and the occasional $.10 NLHE MTT.  If I play a cash game, it will be 1c/2c with the minimum $1 buy-in.  I will avoid these though, because it could be devastating to my stack.

I also have one freeroll ticket remaining – and at some point, I’ll take a shot at that one.  Again, I have deposited no money to get to this point – the $5 I have now is from a freeroll.

One last thing… I will not be purchasing poker tracking software until my BANKROLL can afford to do it without having to move down limits to do so.  That might be a mistake, but we’ll see.  I do keep meticulous records in Excel – though not hand histories.

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~ by Anthony Macri on November 20, 2009.

Author: Tracey Lane