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MicroStakes Frustration

Perhaps the biggest frustration with playing microstakes (beyond the fact that winning when the buy-in is just $0.10 usually means you increase by $0.50 or less) is that there are a large number of players in any given tournament that do not play with any level of seriousness.

Having KK get cracked by someone who calls an all-in with A8 offsuit only to have them river an A is quite … annoying.  The fact that the games at this level are all on turbo makes it even harder, because players push with mediocre holdings all the time.  The challenge is discerning when the holdings are mediocre and when the player really has the goods.

I have been on a dry run myself in the last two days.  I have played in nearly twenty tournaments in the last two daysall but two of them of the $0.10 variety (the remainders were both $0.25 buy-ins).  I am currently -$0.30 in that period.  This is not a terrible result, but it’s also not encouraging compared to last week when I was up well over $3.00.

The only thing I can do is make the best play I think I can make in every situation, and try to get my money in the middle when I have the best of it.

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~ by Anthony Macri on November 24, 2009.

Author: Tracey Lane