Restarting this Blog | Building a Poker Bankroll from Nothing

Restarting this Blog | Building a Poker Bankroll from Nothing

Restarting this Blog

So it’s been a few months (8, actually) since I last posted on this blog.  And I feel like getting started again. I read back at where I was and I’m pretty amazed at where I am now.  A few details.

On December 8, 2009, I made my first and only deposit on PokerStars of $50.  It was all I would allow myself to deposit.  I luckboxed my way up to $385, but then stalled and fell off a cliff as reality hit that I was a very, very bad poker player who got extremely lucky early.  Multiple times I found myself right back around $50.  About two months ago, though, I started getting serious.  I analyzed my results and disciplined myself to only play in games where, at least over a limited sample, I had an edge.  And slowly but surely, I built my bankroll.  I discovered that over 1,000 games, my ROI for $6.60 6max STT SNGs was over 19% – which meant that I could crank out almost $5 per hour by four-tabling them.  Things moved very fast after that.  Before I knew it, I was up to $400 playing almost exclusively in those games.  I started taking shots at the $13 level of the same game type – and though I had mixed results at first, I went on an insane run in the last two weeks.  Right now, my bankroll is well stocked at just over $800, and I am playing mainly two kinds of games: $13 6max STTs and $25NL 6max cash games (10c/25c blinds).

About a week ago, I downloaded PokerTracker for the first time and I am going through their 60 day trial.  My hope is that by the time we get through those 60 days, I’ll have enough in my Stars account to just purchase the software.  I love using it, and it has already helped me recognize some important tendencies (both in myself and in my opponents).  Most importantly, though, it is helping me to transition from focusing on my holding to focusing on my opponent’s holding, and on what my opponents likely think about me.  That has been the key for my recent success.

I hope to keep this blog updated with my successes and failures – and maybe share some insights into the game of poker along the way.  We’ll see how things go… see you on the felt!

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